2009 was a critical year for the climate movement. At Copenhagen in December, countries from around the world came together to decide what action they will take to address climate change, but failed to make a fair, ambitious and binding deal. Now we need to ensure that our leaders know they need to give us outcomes that will achieve a safe climate future.

Upcoming events:

Australia’s Climate Action Summit 2010

Our governments are not providing real climate solutions. Whether it’s the CPRS or Copenhagen, we deserve better. This conference will provide three days worth of strategy, workshops and discussions for the grassroots movement against climate change in 2010. Join community members and guest speakers from around the country and get involved in campaigning for a safe climate future.

For more information contact 2010climatesummit@gmail.com or
visit www.climatesummit.org.au.

Past events:

No New Coal Plants – a fun family action – 10am this Saturday 30th January 2010 at Bondi Beach

Turn up for a bit to clean some coal (yes, literally!), and join us for a nice swim afterwards to cool off!

Vigil for survival – Friday 11th December, 6-7pm

On Friday 11th Dec, members of CAN and the public held vigil at Sydney’s Town Hall steps, to coincide with the middle of the Copenhagen talks and over 2000 other vigils planned across the globe that weekend as a response to a call from 350.org. Almost 100 people came along for the whole hour, or as much of it as they could, and together we called for world leaders to make a fair, ambitious and binding agreement to actively reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to below 350 parts per million, because we all deserve a safe climate future. See the 350 event page for more, and see The World Wants a Real Deal on Flickr to see some of the other events from around the world.

Walk Against Warming – Saturday 12th December

from the smh

KRudd gives out coal for Christmas

Whilst world leaders are meeting in Copenhagen to discuss the fate of our climate, Climate Action Newtown joined an estimated 15,000 people at the family-friendly Walk Against Warming march in Sydney. An estimated 90,000 attended walks and events all over the country, including over 50,000 in Melbourne! CAN was lucky enough to be joined by KRudd dressed as Santa, handing out yet more coal for Christmas.

Every Monday until Dec 14th, 6pm-7pm, Vigil for a Safe Climate: Sydney Town Hall Steps

Enough talk. It’s time for action. Come and join the silent vigil calling for world leaders to actively reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. We need fair, ambitious and binding targets at Copenhagen. We all deserve a safe climate future.

On December 7 – 18, world leaders will meet in Copenhagen, attempting to agree on how to prevent runaway climate change. Stop for 10 minutes & join the vigil, showing Sydney & our leaders we care.

“I’d never done anything like this before. But it felt really positive and powerful! People were giving us big thumbs up through bus windows and cheering in the street. I’ll be back next Monday!” Naomi, after her first silent vigil for a safe climate


24 October 2009: 350.org international day of climate action.

350 day action


See more photos from Climate Action Newtown’s action as part of the international day of action 350.org. Or watch a time-lapse of the iceberg construction on YouTube.

We engaged Newtown’s community creatively and sent a visual a message about 350ppm and the need for urgent action on climate change to our Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. Read about us in the Inner West Courier.

9-11 October: The Camp for Climate Action three inspiring days of workshops, sustainable living and grassroots direct action; aimed at stopping the expansion of Australia’s oldest coal mine in Helensburgh, forty minutes south of Sydney. www.climatecamp.org.au

13 June 2009: Climate Emergency Rally – www.climaterally.org

11 June 2009: Be a climate hero, Greenpeace public meeting

5 June 2009: Climate Emergency, a World Environment Day film and performance night

21 March 2009: People’s Blockade of the World’s biggest coal port. For details see: http://www.risingtide.org.au/peoplesblockade

27 March 2009: Action at MPs and corporate offices calling for their opposition to the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme in its current form

30 Jan – 2 Feb 2009: Australia’s first community Climate Action Summit, Canberra. For details see: www.climatesummit.org.au

16 December 2008: CAN and Climate Change Balmain Roxzelle Step in to protest the CPRS at Tanya Plibersek’s office

3 November 2008: Emissons trading Scheme Forum hosted by Tanya Plibersek and Verity First. CAN flyer outlining flaws in the CPRS was distributed.

And a plenty more MP visits, rallies, film nights and forums through 2007 and 2008….

Walk Against Warming November 2007

Walk Against Warming November 2007

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