Support Run For A Safe Climate

A team of 25 emergency services workers have started running their relay from Cooktown on an epic 28-day, 6000-kilometre Run for a Safe Climate, ending in Melbourne on 29 November.
From the heat of Far North Queensland, to the Coorong lakes in SA and the Victorian Alps, Run for a Safe Climate is very likely coming to a town near you as there’s more than 20 community events and forums along the route!
Our emergency services workers are our climate front line.  They tackle our intensifying fires, floods, storms and the medical fallout of these events. They’re running because they understand the risk and safety issues that global warming is creating and they want to make a difference.
The run is a unique and powerful way to take the Safe Climate message out into the community, and we hope you can be part of the project…
What can you do to support Run For A Safe Climate?
1. Attend local run events in your area
2. RSVP and tell your friends about the Run
2. Tune into Twitter
3. Become a fan on Facebook
4. Sponsor the run or one of the runners

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