Campaign goals

Climate Action Newtown has three primary objectives:

  • To increase community awareness on the threat of climate change as well as its solutions, and to provide means for the local community to take action
  • To put pressure on political leaders to pursue climate solutions through a range of methods including letter and submission writing, lobbying, protest, actions and movement building
  • To help build the community based climate movement through working with the wider network of climate action groups

Following the Australian Climate  Action Summit in January 2009 Climate Action Newtown has adopted campaign goals consistent with those  agreed upon by community groups around the country. We are advocating for:

  • A rejection of the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (the Government’s proposed emissions trading scheme) to avoid locking in inadequate emissions targets for 2020 of 5-25% below 2000 levels.
  • Investment in a rapid transition to 100% renewable energy, creating hundreds of thousands of green jobs which would boost and strengthen the economy and provide a just transition for coal communities and other affected workers.
  • Australia to take a strong position to the Copenhagen climate talks in December by pushing to stabilise atmospheric carbon dioxide at 300ppm to restore the Arctic sea ice and return the planet to a safe climate.
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